Our Story

With diverse and abundant combined knowledge, the team centers their approach around the customers experience and constantly look to improve, ensuring the entire moving process is as easy as possible. Our team have been mentored by some of the highest regarded leaders in our industry & grown under large brands.

We have spent years identifying and finetuning our selling strategies, as well as our customer experience and launched the Braden Lamb Team. to allow us to set new standards in our industry. We are creating a brand and a culture of breaking the mould, asking questions, solving problems & constantly striving to improve.

The ethos of our business is to exceed our customers expectation, follow through on what we say, create lifelong relationships & to have a lot of fun along the way.

A foundation built on integrity & a stand-out difference in our approach to real estate is the real point of difference for our team. 

Authenticity is key in real estate, which can often be a transactional business. We can confidently boast a business that solely thrives on repeat & referral work, with a loyal customer base that we proudly refer to as friends. 

Why Trust Us?

We are an energetic, fun, and unique group of individuals who come together to share our love of caring for people. We believe in staying at the forefront of our industry, utilising technology, creative marketing & a high level of customer care to deliver tailored and outstanding service to our customers.

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