Tenants, we've got you covered!

If you’re in a property emergency and you can’t reach us, then here are some of our amazing tradies that are always here if you need a hand!

Our Plumber

Blue Dog Plumbing
0458 068 673

Our Sparky

TopSpec Electrical - Tom
0409 535 806

Our Locksmith

A1 Locksmith
0418 755 814

After Hours Emergency

Only for emergencies!
0457 637 955

Rental Tips

Our top tips for renting, organised into different scenarios:

  1. Register to inspections early
  2. Turn up to the inspection on time
  3. Complete your application in full and apply as soon as possible *Even apply before you have viewed the property, so we can process it prior to attending.

  1. Keep the property clean & tidy
  2. Make sure you pay your rent on time
  3. Report maintenance issues as soon as possible
  4. Let your property manager know if your circumstances change. We're here to help, but communication is key.
  5. Maintain your lawn and gardens (as well as the property itself!)
  6. Work with your property manager to get the best outcome for your vacate and have your bond returned quickly!

  1. Return all original keys & remotes
  2. Request a copy of your entry condition report, so you can compare and identify anything that needs to be attended to
  3. Ask for the agencies recommended bond cleaner. This will save you time and energy
  4. Clean up any doggy poops (best done before mowing the lawn!)